Johannes Dörr

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Johannes Dörr

Postal address

Dürr Assembly Products GmbH

Köllner Straße 122-128
66346 Püttlingen

Flexibility and a broad outlook

Our customers expect a high level of flexibility and interdisciplinary thinking from us. We have to expect the same from our staff. Our staff must be ready to face new challenges, willing to acquire new skills and be flexible enough to take on varying job roles within our organisation.

International experience

With our worldwide activities we are present in all major markets worldwide. This will provide you with the opportunity of working in a global context. To be able to do so, you will require a good command of foreign languages and high mobility.

A focus on engineering

Young people with a keen interest in technology will find many challenging career opportunities in our company. We will help you to familiarise yourself with our company and do our best to make sure that you feel at ease. During the initial phase, we will appoint an experienced member of staff to act as your mentor during the familiarisation phase and to provide advice where required. Working for Schenck, you will benefit from flexible working times, annual staff appraisals and a performance-oriented remuneration scheme.

Forward-looking career planning

To promote your further development and prepare you for new tasks, we provide a wide spectrum of courses for further education, which can be tailored to your specific requirements. Building on your existing qualifications, we will aim to support you in areas where further training may be useful. This will help you to systematically extend your qualifications and adapt to changing requirements.

We will also provide assistance with your career planning. During our regular staff appraisals, we will agree on targets and career perspectives. – Both the Schenck and the Dürr group offer ample opportunities for further development.